Early Academy

12830 Shady Hills Rd, Spring Hill, FL 34610




While our campus is temporarily closed due to Covid-19,  you may reach us by phone or email. Please allow a 24 hour response time. Thank you!

Early Academy's Four Goals


Equip scholars with the tools to access the written word as soon as possible in the following three ways.

Teaching of emergent and early literacy skills like phonemic awareness, letter names, and sounds using explicit and systematic instruction.

Exposing scholars to the rich vocabulary and complex ideas of classic tales, especially fairy tales from around the world. Vocabulary acquisition is directly linked to reading comprehension.

Feeding their imagination with the rich language and ideas of timeless poetry through reading aloud and memorization. This exposure to new and creative ideas increases future reading comprehension.


Equip scholars with basic mathematical concepts so they have a strong foundation going forward into higher math, thus equipping them to think in logical and complex patterns.

The school uses kindergarten Saxon math so that when students enter kindergarten they are ready for 1st grade Saxon math.

Instill a love of learning.

Scholars want and need to learn actual content. Currently, there’s a popular belief that since computers have made information accessible, people can just look things up. Therefore, why learn facts? Research reveals this is a fallacy. If one must look up a fact, complex thinking is much more difficult because the mind is now occupied with finding a fact, rather than higher level processing. In addition, scholars actually want to learn content. Without it, learning becomes dull. Therefore, all curricula – Early Academy included – overflow with engaging content knowledge.

Not all content is equal. At Classical Prep’s Early Academy, we select age-appropriate content that has been tried and found to be true, good, and beautiful. We read timeless stories with lovely illustrations; we listen to classic symphonies; we look at excellent art; we commit to memory the lyrical words of enduring poetry. Why waste time on anything else? These kids are worth it.


Train the memory

Studies have proven that memory is a muscle that grows stronger with use. Allowing children to begin exercising this muscle at an early age gives them an edge in life. Memorization items at Classical Prep’s Early Academy include: poetry, songs, rhymes, scientific and historical facts, geography, and knowledge of the arts.

Meet the Staff

Our teachers are committed to the highest standards of excellence in the classroom, ensuring the quality of your student’s education.