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Classical Preparatory School Hardship Policy

Updated November 3, 2021

1. Defining Hardship

Hardship refers to an inability to pay fees due to financial difficulty. Classical Prep recognizes that every family has a unique set of circumstances and situations that can arise in either short- or long-term situations. Individuals may be evaluated under this policy for consideration of payment arrangements or relief.

2. Goals

Classical Prep aims to ensure students are not denied any instruction based on payments not being made for educational items or services and will do their best to make alternative arrangements for families. Classical Prep will implement strategies to increase engagement and raise awareness of their hardship policy.

3. Identifying Hardship

Evaluating hardships and family difficulties on a case by case basis ensures the action taken provides an individualized approach that is customized to each situation. There are a number of short or long-term circumstances that can impact a family’s ability to pay student fees, and can include, but are not limited to:

    • Death of an immediate family member
    • Family disruption e.g. divorce/separation of parent’s
    • Illness
    • Loss of employment
    • Natural disaster

4. Hardship Arrangements

a. Consideration of a hardship situation will be provided to families on a confidential, case by case basis and may include waiving or reducing school fees.
b. Classical Prep will work in a positive manner to support the family and student. Teachers or other staff may request a member of Administration to investigate a situation they believe may be unreported hindering student participation.
c. Parents will be provided with a school contact who can discuss appropriate financial options and will act with discretion.
d. Appropriate, non-judgemental language will be used when addressing families experiencing hardship.
e. All financial relief decisions will be offered by a designated staff member in confidence.

5. Parental Expectations

a. Must have applied for, and been approved for, the Free and Reduced Lunch Program.
b. Advise the school of any financial difficulties as soon as possible by reaching out your child’s teacher or Nicole York, our Human Resource Coordinator at
c. Discuss solutions reasonably with the school contact during the assessment to come to a mutual outcome.
d. Be forthright and realistic in their capacity to contribute to their student’s education.
e. Advise the school contact of any changes in their situation.

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