Grades 6-8 are the stepping stones towards a goal of higher education in Classical Preparatory Academy.

In 6th-8th grade, scholars at Classical Prep expand on the skills and knowledge developed during the grammar years through learning to analyze causal connections and relationships between facts in all content courses. Teachers challenge scholars during classrooms discussion to participate in inquiry and debate. This is why all middle school courses are honors-level. Rather than merely learning the facts in history, literature, arts, or science classes, scholars must think logically about the content they study. Writing assignments are assessed for style and quality of argumentation. Scholars learn to synthesize information across subject areas, beginning to look beyond their own narrow world and recognize and understand the viewpoints of others both past and present.

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Our students are dedicated to a system of beliefs held throughout the school that holds them to the highest standard of values.

Ms. Jasmine Brightman


“At Classical Prep, students are tasked not only with striving for academic excellence, but also understanding the connections between the disciplines. Teaching science here, affords  many opportunities for me to guide students towards  analytical inquiry, delve deep into topics through Socratic discussion  and acquire the understanding that science encompasses all disciplines.”

Eager to learn

Proven Advantage with Classical Studies

Liberal education at the 6-8 level is rigorous but completely accessible to scholars who are willing to put in the time and effort. The return on this investment is a foundation from which a student can successfully progress to read complicated texts, converse intelligently on a wide variety of topics, and proceed with confidence into higher-level learning.

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