Nilsa Otero

Assistant Director


Meagan Morris

Admissions Coordinator


Jesse Steinhauer

Twos Teacher


Lindsay Vescio

Twos Teacher


Heather Davidson

PreK-3 Team Lead


Claudia Fuller

PreK-3 Teacher


Terra Bird

VPK Team Lead


Angela Fuentes

VPK Assistant Teacher


Karen Ayres

VPK Teacher


Amanda Middleton

VPK Teacher


Cindy Smith

VPK Teacher


Connor Smith

Assistant Teacher


Early Academy Staff

Classical Prep Early Academy staff goes through an extensive background check with the Nation Clearing house.

“The Department of Children and Families is one of seven state agencies that use the new statewide screening database, “The Clearinghouse.” The purpose of the Clearinghouse is to provide a single data source for background screening results for persons screened for employment or licensure that provide services to children, the elderly and disabled individuals. The Clearinghouse allows the results of criminal history checks to be shared among specific agencies when a person has applied to volunteer, be employed, be licensed (including foster parents), or enter into a contract that requires a state and national fingerprint-based criminal history check. The Clearinghouse provides numerous benefits to providers, including reduced costs and more up to date information. The Clearinghouse allows the results of criminal history checks to be shared among specified state agencies, thereby reducing duplicative screenings for individuals requiring screening across multiple state agencies.”

  • Our facility requires at least 3 references as well as a recommendation letter.
  • All teachers employed by Classical Prep Early Academy must have their CDA / Degree in Early Childhood Education to be a lead teacher and 45 training hours to be an assistant teacher.

Child Care Employee

Must complete:

  1. 40-clock-hour Introductory Child Care Training comprised of Part I and Part II courses (below)
  2. 5-clock-hour (or .5 Continue Education Units) Early Literacy and Language Development, within 1 year of employment
  3. 10-clock-hours of Annual In-service  training completed between July 1 and June 30 each year. “

Please contact Classical Prep’s Early Academy at (813) 388-6482 for more information.