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Absence Reporting Form

An absence MUST be reported in writing within three days to be considered an excused absence.

Pre-Arranged Absences

Pre-arranged absences must be approved at least 7 days prior to the anticipated absence.
Please click here to access the form.

Reporting an Absence as stated in the CPS Family Handbook


Classical Prep follows the District School Board of Pasco County’s Attendance Policy as stated on their website. Please click here to view the district policy.


Regular attendance and prompt arrival at school are vital to a student’s attitude and subsequent success as a serious scholar. It is the responsibility of the parent to report an absence by submitting the online absence form that is listed below within three days of a student’s absence. Students will be recorded as having an unexcused absence if no form is submitted within three days. Absences cannot be recorded and/or excused verbally; they must be submitted in writing.

Pre-arranged absences must be approved at least seven days prior to the anticipated absence. To access the form, please see the information above.

All policies regarding the coding of absences will strictly follow the Pasco County Student Code of Conduct. Issues regarding truancy will also follow the standards set in the Pasco County Code of Conduct. Whenever possible, if a student absence is anticipated, we recommend that the student notify his/her teacher(s) and request assignments prior to the absence.

At the discretion of the administration, students may not be allowed to make up missed work due to an unexcused absence or suspension. The Parent Portal provides attendance reports.


If your child has a fever or is otherwise ill, it is best to keep him or her at home, rather than send him or her to school where others may be exposed to infection. Students who come to the office with a fever will be sent home upon parent contact. Please refer to the section on medication for additional information regarding prescription and OTC medications.


Students who arrive at or after 7:30 AM in grades 6-12 and 8:05 AM in grades K-5 must report directly to the school office for a late pass. 

Classical Prep does distinguish between cases of excused tardiness (e.g., due to a doctor’s appointment)and unexcused tardiness (due to a student oversleeping, transportation problems, or some other late start). In cases of excused tardiness, families should provide a signed note of explanation to front office receptionist.

On the third occasion of tardiness in any quarter, a report will be sent home that will need to be signed by the parents and returned. After the third tardy, disciplinary consequences may be applied.

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