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Printable Release Waiver Form

Please email completed release waiver to before your child(ren) begin(s) walking or biking to and from school. Thank you.

Classical Preparatory School
 Walker/Bike Rider Policy 

Adopted: February 17, 2021

Classical Preparatory School supports healthy living and continually strives to keep a balance between participation and safety.  Careful consideration must be taken to ensure each scholar is safe during arrival and dismissal times. While Classical Prep has determined minimum age requirements for arriving to and leaving campus unescorted, the parent or guardian is ultimately responsible for deciding if the child is able to handle the responsibility and meet the safety expectations.  

Scholars are permitted to arrive/leave the school premises:

  • With a parent/guardian or approved person (approved persons must be listed on the emergency card on file with the front office).
  • As a walker/bike rider as defined in the policy below. 

Walker/Bike Rider Permission:

Scholars in kindergarten through third grade must have an approved permission slip on file that will permit the walker/bike rider to be released to another scholar or adult. If another scholar will be accepting responsibility for the child, he/she must be in 4th grade or higher.   

Scholars in 4th grade or higher may ride their bikes or walk with an approved permission form.

Steps for obtaining permission:

1) Parent/Guardian must complete Classical Prep’s Bike Rider/Walker permission form located  at the bottom of this document and email it to

2) Administration will confirm that the child’s address is within a two mile radius of the school. 

3) Administration makes the determination to approve or decline permission. The parent/guardian will be notified in writing of the decision within 5 business days.

Procedures once request is approved:

1) Each day, scholars who are walking home will be dismissed from class via a PA announcement

  • Grades K-5: scholars will be checked in and released by a staff member in the atrium daily. Scholars will be released to parents between 3:05 pm. -3:10 pm.
  • Grades 6-12: scholars will exit through the Borealis front entrance daily.

2) Parents and guardians who are picking up their K-3rd grade scholar will need to bring the car line placard to verify permission for pickup. Parents must arrive on campus no later than 3:10 pm.

3) Once off campus, scholars are expected to walk home and only allowed to return in case of emergencies. 

4) Any changes to a scholar’s dismissal MUST be updated in School Dismissal Manager (SDM) by the parent/guardian prior to 1:45 pm each day.  

Morning Arrival:

Walkers and bike riders must arrive on campus during the designated arrival time window for his/her grade level. Scholars are not permitted to be on campus before the designated arrival times. Walkers and bike riders must enter the school building via the front entrance of the building they attend classes in.

Bike riders shall access school property via the sidewalks and enter the school property in a safe manner. Once on school property, bike riders are required to walk their bikes to the bike racks at the front of the building they will be parking their bike. Each bike rider must wear a bike helmet and lock his/her bike onto the rack. Classical Prep assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen property.

Afternoon Dismissal:

Walkers and bike riders will be released at the end of the day via the front doors of the building they attend class in. This will help identify/account for scholar walker/bike riders. All walkers and bike riders must check out before leaving the school building.  They will be dismissed by an assigned staff member.

Inclement Weather (determined by administration): 

Safety will be the most important factor in any scenario.  In the event of inclement weather, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to arrange to pick up his/her child through the carline.

Important Points to Note:

  • Bike riders must park their bikes at the bike racks in the building they attend classes in.  
  • Walkers and bike riders are NOT, under any circumstance, permitted to enter the parking area while leaving school property other than on the designated pedestrian crosswalks. 
  • Bike riders must wear a helmet. 
  • No skateboards, hoverboards, roller blades, roller skates or scooters are allowed on school property.
  • Walking and riding a bike to school is a privilege and is revocable at any time.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to make any necessary dismissal changes in the School Dismissal Manager system.
  • Any scholar being released from the Meridian building in grades K-3 must be picked up at the designated location outside of the Meridian building.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent to arrive no later than 3:10 p.m. to pick up any child(ren) in grades K-5. If you arrive late, your child(ren) will be taken to the YMCA’s after school program where applicable fees will be charged.

The parent/guardian acknowledges that part of allowing children to walk or ride their bikes from campus is that the parent/guardian agrees that the School is held harmless from suit of any kind, from anyone whatsoever from any liability of any kind as it relates to the child walking or riding their bike to and from campus.  Nothing that is part of this agreement may be construed as a waiver of the sovereign immunity rights of Classical Prep under Florida law.  

Failure to follow this policy will result in suspension of walker/bike rider privileges.

Classical Prep does not offer bus transportation at this time.
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