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Report Bullying & Harassment

Bullying of students or employees is an extremely serious violation of the Student Code of Conduct and can also be a violation of criminal law. Classical Preparatory School will not tolerate unlawful bullying and harassment, including sex-based harassment, in school, on campus, at school-related or school-sponsored events, or through the use of technology or any electronic communication.  The physical location or time of access of a computer-related incident cannot be raised as a defense in any disciplinary action initiated pursuant to this policy. 

What is bullying? Bullying is systematically and chronically inflicting physical hurt or psychological distress on one or more learners or employees and may involve but is not limited to teasing; social exclusion; threat; intimidation; stalking, including cyberstalking; physical violence; theft; sexual, religious, or racial harassment; public humiliation; and destruction of property.  An easy way to remember this definition is: Repetitive, Intentional, and an imbalance of Power. For more information about bullying, click here.

You may complete this form to file a bullying report. It will assist us in investigating your concern if you provide your contact information, but including it is optional. You may submit this form anonymously or choose to hide your contact information. Please be aware that if you do not share a phone number and/or email address, we cannot contact you with questions or follow-up information.

Thank you! By working together, we can keep all students safe.


Bullying Complaint Report Form

DISCLAIMER – Information from this form will be treated confidentially. We will only share this information with appropriate school personnel and law enforcement (if applicable.)

This site will be monitored during regular business hours Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (excluding holidays, weekends, and non-school days for students). 

If you believe this incident is an emergency or could cause immediate harm to yourself or others and needs immediate attention, please call 911.

Who is being bullied, harassed, intimidated, or harmed?(Required)
Are you the TARGET of the reported behavior or the REPORTER ONLY?(Required)
Please indicate the date of the incident.(Required)
When did this incident occur?(Required)
Where did this incident happen? (choose all that apply)(Required)
Was this Cyberbullying?(Required)
If possible, please tell us who was bullying, harassing, intimidating, or causing harm.
Click the statement(s) that best describe(s) what happen. (choose all that apply)(Required)
If known, how many times has this situation occurred?(Required)
Was this incident reported to an adult or staff member?(Required)
Max. file size: 50 MB.
Please tell us who you are. (check all that apply)(Required)
How can we contact you? To receive a personalized response, please enter your name and at least one method of contact. If you leave this section blank, then we will not be able to respond to your message. If you would like to receive a response but keep your identity hidden from us, enter your email address and select 'Hide your contact information from the district.'
Do you want to hide your contact information from the district?(Required)
Click here to attest that all information provided on this form is accurate and does not make an attempt to report false information.(Required)
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