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2023-24 Locker Contract

Grades 6-12 Only

Locker’s will be available to all Upper School (6th-12th) scholars this year who would like to use one. The fee will be $10 and that includes the locker and the lock. In an effort to streamline the process we have already outfitted all lockers with combination locks. Once a scholar has filled out the locker contract and paid the fee below, they will be assigned a locker number and be given the combination during the first week of school. Each scholar who needs a locker will need to fill out the contract and payment form.

Please read through the Locker Policies Below: 

  1. Security of a locker is the responsibility of the student/s assigned to the locker.
  2. No trash or supplies (including books) outside of the lockers in the forum.
  3. No locker “swag” (such as chandeliers, carpets, mirrors, whiteboards, etc.) is permitted. Shelves to assist with organization are permitted.
  4. Be aware of your surroundings and stay quiet. Be mindful and respectful of nearby classrooms when using the lockers during the school day.
  5. Only students officially assigned to a locker have the right to use the locker. A student assigned to a locker may NOT switch lockers without the prior approval of an administrator.
  6. All lockers are the property of the school and are assigned to students for their use for approved purposes only. All lockers are subject to periodic inspection.
  7. It is the responsibility of the assigned student/s to keep the locker clean and orderly. No food should be left in lockers overnight or over weekends.

DO NOT KEEP VALUABLES in the locker (including money, jewelry, electronics, etc.)
DO NOT DEFACE, damage, or otherwise misuse the locker. The student will be expected to pay for damages done to an assigned locker.

$10.00 Locker Fee must be paid prior to locker use.

Locker Contract Form

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