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Grades 9-12 build a foundation for growth and career seeking for students of Classical Preparatory Academy.

The culmination of classical learning occurs in the rhetoric stage. Scholars work their way into advanced studies emphasizing critical-reasoning skills and stylistic expression. Seeking to instill a desire for contemplation and an appreciation for learning, faculty attempt to convey the relationship between the philosophical and practical aspects of life. Scholars are required to develop, deliver, and defend at least one thesis paper before peers, faculty, and parents their senior year, as well as present a classic text in Latin and English their junior year.

Eager to learn

Proven Advantage with Classical Studies

In pursuing the virtues, a scholar learns to ask, “What kind of person should I be?”  This then helps them define, “What should I do?”  The order of this questioning is important.  The former question must be asked first.  Virtues enable scholars to pursue an ideal, not a mindless checklist of rules.  Below is a list of our pillars with links to recent research affirming the importance of each in achieving success in life.  These virtues are then developed through learning and practice at school, including the Habits of Classical Prep.

The learning mind

Classical Preparatory Curriculum

Classical education, liberal education, has a method of teaching developed and honed for over two thousand years in the West. Without knowing the things around us, the things that brought us here, the words and structure of language through which we express these things—animals, plants, elements, rivers, cities, Presidents, poems, nouns, verbs, adjectives—we cannot think at all.

The greatest genius of the age, in learning a foreign tongue, would still have to begin with the rudiments of the language. For a young mind to become ready for thought it must pursue a massive importation and organization of basic facts: the bricks for building the edifice. To this end, learning in the early grades, what some call the “grammar stage,” consists largely in mastering facts and strengthening the power of the mighty memory to recall these facts on demand.

Curriculum Map
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