Introducing Molly Garrity

Classical Preparatory Early Academy is proud to present our new Director, Molly Garrity.

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we introduce you to Early Academy’s new Director of Academics, Mrs. Molly Garrity. Mrs. Garrity joins the Early Academy team with over 30 years experience working in early childhood education.

Mrs. Garrity’s passion for early childhood education started when she became a new mom herself. She says, “Little brains are like sponges- they absorb everything! When I began to work in a childcare setting I realized that even more. The more time I spent in a learning environment with young children, the more I wanted to be a part of it.” She has been fortunate to be able to learn and train to become a professional in this field in many roles. Mrs. Garrity has served as a classroom teacher teaching preschool and school-aged children. She has successfully directed and led both private and non-profit early childhood centers and schools. She has built preschool programs, created before and after care programs, and established summer day camps. “Developing a love of learning at a young age will set the children up for success!”

In addition to a love for teaching children, working with teachers has become a passion for Mrs. Garrity. As a center and corporate trainer in early childhood, she was responsible for training, mentoring, and coaching all new early childhood teachers. “Having someone see it in you, believe in you, and bring it out, is why I have this passion.” Mrs. Garrity is committed to supporting our Early Academy teachers and helping them be their absolute best. “Being an early education teacher comes with so many responsibilities. Anything that I can do to help support my teachers will ultimately benefit our scholars.”

Mrs. Garrity and her husband have three wonderful adult children. They moved to Florida 12 years ago as empty nesters, where she set out to find the “best of the best in early childhood education in this area.” And guess who she deemed to be the best– Classical Prep’s Early Academy!