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Logic & Rhetoric Guest Teacher

Grades 6-12

Job Description

Logic and Rhetoric School Guest Teacher

The mission of Classical Preparatory School is to pursue academic excellence and character enrichment through rigorous, content-rich curriculum, imparting to our students the ability to excel and a desire to continuously pursue learning throughout their lives.

Position Summary:

We are seeking an experienced, reliable substitute teacher to join our team of educators. In this position, you will work in the absence of our regular teachers, aiding students in their daily tasks and helping ensure the understanding of the subject matter being covered. You should have some classroom teaching experience and possess the skills needed to cover daily instruction and run the classroom environment in a classical fashion.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Execute lessons that lead students to master daily standard-aligned objectives, faithfully using our rigorous, classical curriculum.
  • Taking attendance according to the procedures of the school.
  • Deliver classical instructional methods and activities.
  • Maintain a professional attitude in all manner of conduct when working with students, faculty, and parents including a commitment to confidentiality. 
  • Manage the class by setting clear expectations of behavior, continuing to establish reasonable routines and promoting self-discipline.
  • Maintain a highly ordered classroom culture where scholars and staff demonstrate respect, responsibility, caring, trustworthiness, fairness, and citizenship.
  • Cultivate fundamental habits of virtue consistent with the grammar school’s outlined mission and purpose.

Reports to:

Upper School Dean


  • High school diploma required; college degree preferred 
  • Certificate in Teaching preferable 
  • Alignment to Classical Prep’s mission and vision.
  • Detailed oriented and able to follow written and oral instructions.
  • Able to communicate effectively with faculty.
  • Able to cultivate relationships with scholars in a brief time period.
  • Confident and capable in giving instruction in the absence of the regular teacher.
  • Willing and able to work standing for most of the day with few breaks to sit. 
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