Grammar School Athletic Program

Building Athletes from day one.

Classical Prep provides elementary students the opportunity to participate in sports through after-school activities.
These activities promote physical fitness as well as offer preparation for competitive middle/high school athletics.

Lion Cub Cheer Program

Our Cheer Cub program is full at this time.
If you would like to join our waitlist, please reach out to our
Assistant Director, Camron Perry, at
Thank you!

Classical Preparatory Grammar School Athletic Code of Conduct

The Classical Preparatory Grammar Athletic Code of Conduct establishes standards by which scholar athletes are expected to conduct themselves as representatives of CPS. Parents are expected to discuss these regulations and consequences with their scholar athletes so that informed and appropriate decisions about behavior are made. Code of conduct must be signed and turned in to our athletic director coach Barbarise.

CPS athletics has created a set of core values that we want to instill amongst our scholars. We expect all scholar athletes to adhere by these core values on and off the field/court.

CPS Athletics Core Values:

• HONESTY – Honest people are truthful and sincere.
• RESPECT – People who treat others with respect and feel valued. Respectful people treat others as they want to be treated.
• INTEGRITY – People with integrity behave and lead byexample.
• EDUCATION- Scholars who get good grades, do all their homework, and finish all class assignments in a timely manner.
• CARING – Caring people demonstrate empathy for others which builds positiverelationships.
• LOYALTY – Loyal people are supportive, dependable, and reliable.
• CITIZENSHIP – Citizens care for the community and consider the needs of others.
• RESPONSIBILITY – People who are reliable, self-sufficient, and take ownership of their actions.
• FAIRNESS – Fair people are committed to justice, equal treatment of others and acceptance of diversity.

Scholar athletes will be expected to adhere by these values during all athletic events and in the classroom. If a violation occurs, the coach will use the following protocol:

• 1st Offense – 1 game/practice suspension
• 2nd Offense – 2 game/practice suspension
• 3rd Offense – Dismissal from team

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