Classical Preparatory School
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Faculty / Staff

Faculty and Staff

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  • Ben Davis, Headmaster
  • Tom Sobczak, Dean of Administration
  • Gabrielle D'Virgilio, Dean of Academics
  • Elizabeth Paul, Director of Student Support Services 
  • Christi Lebsack, Student Support Services
  • Patience Dussault, Kindergarten
  • Elizabeth Hogan, Kindergarten
  • Sara Kolsky, Kindergarten
  • Sara Engel, 1st Grade
  • Rachelle Sanchez, 1st Grade
  • Lorraine Uthe1st Grade
  • Sara Duncan, 2nd Grade
  • Elise Steffke, 2nd Grade
  • Amy Walker, 2nd Grade
  • Christina Fenton, 3rd Grade
  • Debbie Jones, 3rd Grade
  • Kim Tally, 3rd Grade
  • Jennifer Howell 4th Grade 
  • Christina MacClellan, 4th Grade
  • Kristi Benedict, 5th Grade
  • Connor Gleason, 6th Grade Math/Science
  • Joe Procopio6th Grade Humanities
  • Dr. Margene Avery, English, 7th-10th Grades
  • Jasmine Brightman, Science, 7th-10th Grades
  • Jenna Moore, Math, 7th-10th Grades
  • Matthew Schaeffer, Math, 7th-10th Grades
  • Rachel Dukes, Logic and Rhetoric, 7th-10th Grades
  • Rachael Stern, History, 7th – 10th Grades
  • Genesis Santiago, Latin, 7th-10th Grades
  • James Smith, Latin,  4th-6th Grades
  • Lynne Brown, Art
  • Josh Gunter, P.E.
  • Ashley Bache, P.E. Aide
  • Cynthia Ingram, Karate
  • Dr. Jeremy Scarbrough, Music
  • Kara Aiello, Facility Manager
  • Amy Garrity, Data Entry Operator
  • Stacie McIntyre, Executive Assistant
  • Katie Melton, Finance/HR Coordinator
  • Leana Reid, Front Office Staff/Clinic Assistant
  • Shannon Turner, Registrar and Administrative Assistant


  • Salena Power, School Director
  • Connie Hodgson, Receptionist
  • Jill Lester, Pre-K 3 Lead Teacher
  • Anna Strahan, VPK Lead Teacher
  • Amy Farmer, VPK Lead Teacher
  • Ashley Bryant, VPK Lead Teacher
  • Giselle Hernandez, VPK Lead Teacher
  • Nicole Clemons, VPK Assistant Teacher

Notification To Parents of Out of Field Teachers

In order to comply with Florida law 1012.42, Classical Preparatory School is required to notify parents when a teacher in a district school system is assigned teaching duties in a class dealing with subject matter that is outside the field in which the teacher is certified, outside the field that was the applicant’s minor field of study, or outside the field in which the applicant has demonstrated sufficient subject area expertise, as determined by district school board policy. Each of the following teachers were selected for their mastery of content knowledge and teaching competence. They were selected, in many cases, over other individual applicants who were considered highly qualified as defined by Pasco County School District and the State of Florida. The following teachers at Classical Prep are considered teaching out of field as defined by Pasco County School District and the State of Florida:

  • Elise Steffke, 2nd Grade
  • Matthew Schaeffer, Math
  • Christina MacClellan, 4th Grade
  • Rhonda Hittenberger-Ortiz, 5th Grade
  • Dr. Margene Avery, English

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A favorite classic book:
A favorite classic book:

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