Cellphone Policy and Procedure

CPS will be partnering with Yondr to make our school a phone-free space. Use of cellphones, smart watches, and smart accessories will not be permitted during school hours.

We understand that cell phones have great utility, but cell phone use has increasingly become a source of distraction, antisocial behavior, and conflict both at home and at school.

CPS believes in maintaining a safe and effective educational environment for all of its students. Research shows that the mere presence of cellphones in the classroom can be detrimental to student performance. According to a survey and report from Common Sense Media that involved 1,240 interviews with parents and their 12 to 18-year-old children, 50% of teens feel attached to their mobile devices, and 59% of their parents agree that their kids have a problem putting their devices down (U.S. News & World Report).

Yondr is currently used across the world in hundreds of classrooms and schools, at concerts, comedy shows, weddings and special events of all kinds. The goal of these spaces is to encourage people to engage with each other and their surroundings.

The Yondr program employs a simple, easy-to-use case that stores a cell phone and requires an unlocking base to open. When students arrive at school, they will place their phone in a Yondr case which is then locked. Students maintain possession of their phones but will not be able to use them until they are unlocked at the end of the school day.

We believe this will allow our students to be:

  • Engaged in classroom activities and assignments
  • Less dependent on electronics to do classwork
  • Less likely to engage in conversations around bullying
  • Less likely to be distracted and procrastinate on assignments in class

To purchase a Yondr pouch for your student please input your payment below.

Required for Rhetoric students and any students planning on bringing a cellphone to CPS in Logic School

More information on Yondr

Payment Form for Yondr Pouch

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to reach my student during the school day?
We want our students to be engaged in their learning. Please refrain from contacting your student during the school day unless it is an emergency. Please contact the main office at 813-803-7903 to reach your student.

What if there is an emergency?
In case of an emergency, we direct our students to safety first. School staff will be able to unlock a Yondr case in a matter of seconds for students once they are in a safe and secure location.

Will my student’s phone be safe?
Yes, because students are in possession of their phone in the Yondr case and should keep the case stored away in their backpacks.

What if the case gets damaged?
The Yondr case is the property of CPS. Any damage to or loss of the Yondr pouch, which is school property, will result in a replacement charge of $22.00.

Procedures and Rules

as stated in the CPS Family Handbook

The use of cell phones during the school day is prohibited.  The rationale for such a prohibition is to promote an uninterrupted academic environment necessary for reflection and contemplation, which are important habits of the mind.

  1. Cell phones brought onto the CPS campus by students will be voluntarily surrendered at the front door of the school each morning for a YONDR pouch. The cell phone, once locked in the pouch, will be returned to the student for storage in the student backpack. The cell phone shall remain in the pouch and in the backpack, out of sight for the duration of the academic day.
  2. At dismissal, once the student’s name has been called, the student may proceed to the exit door to check out and have the cell phone pouch unlocked. The student will surrender the YONDR pouch at this time.
  3. Should a student be dismissed early, the cell phone can be unlocked in the front office at the time of dismissal.  
  4. Students are responsible for ensuring their phones are unlocked according to protocols prior to leaving the CPS campus. Unlocking will only be provided until 4 pm on school days. Students who neglect to unlock their phones prior to 4 pm will be required to leave their phones in the locked pouches until dismissal the next school day.
  5. The cost of the YONDR pouch, covered by the student family as part of the annual supply fees, allows the student to have a cell phone on the CPS campus. 
  6. Intentional damage to or destruction of the YONDR pouch will result in an additional fee billed to the student account as well as disciplinary measures.
  7. Cell phones that are not secured in a YONDR pouch are prohibited from campus. Students who are caught with a cell phone NOT in a YONDR pouch will have their phone confiscated until a parent collects the phone at the end of the school day and their student account billed for a new YONDR pouch, in addition to receiving disciplinary action.
  8. Smart watches, smart devices, tablets, and other electronic devices of similar nature are prohibited from campus. Bringing such items to campus will result in confiscation of the item in addition to disciplinary measures.
  9. Should a student need to make a phone call during the school day, the student must come into the school office and ask to use a land-line. Such phone calls will be restricted to emergency situations only.  
  10. Should a parent need to reach a student during the school day, the parent must call the main telephone number in the school office and ask for a message to be delivered.