Emergency Information Card

If your family has a change in any emergency contact information anytime during the school year, it is the responsibility of the family to let the school know of any changes.

To update emergency information, parents/legal guardians must complete a new emergency information card and submit it along with a clear copy of the ID of the person requesting the changes to Megan Hersh at MHersh@classicalprep.org for grades K-3rd, or Shannon Ranes at sranes@classicalprep.org for grades 4th-12th. Parents/legal guardians are responsible for notifying Classical Prep if there is a change in residence or parental responsiblity of the student within five (5) days. Parents/legal guardians can also visit our main campus to drop off the completed form, at which time, identity will be verified.

If the address on file for a student changes, parents/legal guardians must also submit proof of residency (mortgage statement, deed, utility bill, etc.).

Any emergency contact form that is submitted without a clear copy of the ID of the person requesting the changes, will not be processed.

Emergency Information Card Print Here