For the 2018-2019 school year, please submit an updated emergency card every time there is a change of address, phone number, contact information for a person listed as an emergency contact to pick your child(ren) up, and/or medical condition for your child.

*If you are submitting a change of address, you must also provide CPS with a current copy of proof of address (ie: mortgage statement, lease agreement, utility bill)

  • If your information has changed: Only fill out the fields that you would like to have changed in the system.

  • In case of Emergency and I cannot be reached, please contact one of the following (these individuals may also sign my child out):
  • Add a new row

Classical Preparatory School

If your family has a change in information anytime during the school year, it is the responsibility of the family to let the school know of any changes. Families may print out a copy of the Emergency Information Card and send it into the school as soon as possible. To print out a paper copy of the Emergency Information Card please select the button below.

Emergency Information Card Print Here