Covid Protocol

COVID Protocols/Procedures
Updated September 22, 2021

Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, Pasco County Schools has implemented protocols to maintain a safe and healthy environment for students and staff. Over the past year and a half, the protocols have been revised as circumstances changed. These procedures and protocols are based on the current information available at this time, and all information is subject to change as new information becomes available.  

Student Masks:

  • The use of masks and other personal protective equipment will remain highly recommended, but not required in almost all school situations and environments.  However, usage is strongly encouraged for students to protect themselves and to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our schools.

Student Notification of Potential Exposure to Positive Individual:

  • At the grammar school level, parents will be notified of a possible exposure when a student in their child’s class tests positive.
  • For students that are notified of having potential exposure to an individual that has tested positive for COVID-19, the parent may:
    • Continue to send the child to school
    • Choose to keep their child at home
  • Parents must notify the school that they are choosing to keep their child at home due to potential exposure or the child has become symptomatic via the absence form on the school’s website. 

Student Quarantine Changes:

  • The Department of Health will determine which individuals have been in close contact with a positive case. Close contact is defined as within six feet of an infected person for a total of 15 minutes or more.
  • The Department of Health will review each case and make a recommendation. Students will not be required to quarantine unless they exhibit symptoms.
  • When a student has been found to have been in close contact with a positive case, if they are asymptomatic, their parent or legal guardian has the authority to choose whether continue to attend school and school activities, or to quarantine for a period not to exceed seven days from the last contact with the positive person.
  • Students who quarantine or isolate will be marked as “present” for attendance purposes during the quarantine period so long as they engage in instruction during the quarantine period.

A student in quarantine should not attend school, attend school activities, or be on school property until the following criteria have been met:

  • The student is asymptomatic; or
  • The student is asymptomatic and seven days have passed since the date of last exposure to the COVID-19 positive individual.
  • If a student becomes symptomatic following exposure to an individual that has tested positive for COVID-19, the student should follow the procedures in the protocols above for “positive cases or symptomatic.”

Parents are encouraged to review the 2021-2022 Student COVID Related Procedures for a more complete picture regarding when students will and will not be required to quarantine/isolate.

Student is Symptomatic and at School:

Students demonstrating COVID-like symptoms will need to remain away from school and will be able to return to school or work when the following criteria have been met:

  • Documentation of a negative PCR COVID-19 test OR
  • Verified medical documentation of alternate diagnosis as the cause of symptoms AND
  • At least 24 hours have passed since the last fever without the use of fever-reducing medications, AND
  • Symptoms have subsided (cough, shortness of breath) prior to returning to school.

Student is Confirmed Positive – Isolation Procedures:

Students who have tested positive for COVID-19 will be able to return to school when the following criteria have been met:

  • The student receives a negative diagnostic COVID-19 test and is asymptomatic; or
  • Ten days have passed since the onset of symptoms or positive test result, the student has had no fever for 24 hours and the student’s other symptoms are improving; or
  • The student receives written permission to return to school from a medical doctor licensed under chapter 458, an osteopathic physician licensed under chapter 459, or an advanced registered nurse practitioner licensed under chapter 464.

Parent/Guardian will submit an absence form on the website and MUST provide a copy of the positive test attached to the submission.

The Florida State Board of Education adopted an emergency rule requiring school districts to provide quarantined/isolated students with remote/virtual access to curriculum and assignments that are equivalent to the instruction being provided to students physically present in school. Therefore, all employees with student instructional or instructional support responsibilities are required to fully-support students who need to participate in daily instruction virtually during COVID-19 related quarantine/isolation. This includes, but is not limited to allowing students to live stream into the classroom for applicable instruction, providing access to classroom materials and assignments on google classroom, interacting with quarantined/isolated students via e-mail and/or phone, etc.  

 Attendance while in Isolation/Quarantine: 

  • Students that are well enough to participate remotely due to COVID-related isolation/quarantine will be provided a variety of techniques and technologies including live streaming instruction applicable to students, posting relevant materials in Google classroom, interacting through emails and phone calls, providing recorded lessons, and other techniques.  Students that engage in instruction offered by the teacher will be considered in attendance.  The instruction must continue the student’s access to assignments and curriculum the student would be receiving were the student physically present in school.
  • If a parent chooses to “self-quarantine” their child without recommendation of the Pasco Department of Health or due to exposure of a positive individual, that child will be considered unexcused from school during that time.  

Daily Covid Counter
(updated October 13, 2021)

The cases listed below indicate the daily positive cases as confirmed by the Pasco County Department of Health on our campus:

Student Cases



Staff Cases


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