Classical Preparatory School encourages students to foster healthy relationships outside of the classroom.

Classical Preparatory School provides ample opportunities for students to join clubs, groups, and other activities outside of the classroom. Providing students the chance to take part in fun activities that they themselves choose helps to encourage students to make decisions on their own, make friends with people of similar interests, and learn to develop teamwork on their own!

Classical Preparatory School offers students many clubs and organizations to help foster teamwork, encourage critical-thinking skills, and build creative minds.

Our Clubs

We make sure that your children are taken care of – to this end, Classical Preparatory School offers after school care for students of all ages!

After School Program

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Passage to the Heart


At all grade levels, Classical Prep scholars must take a fine arts course. In a world where technology and science take center stage, making arts part of the core curriculum can seem out-of-place. How can understanding the play of light on different surfaces or recognizing a great composer’s work help a student achieve in the “real world”? To a liberal education, these are the “real world”.

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Encouraging participation in

Campus Life

Campus life plays a large part in the Classical Preparatory School experience. We want students to feel both included and involved everyday here at CPS. Aside from extracurricular activities that encourage both of these, the daily schedule at Classical Prep brings students together to help foster friendships and socializing.

Our facilities and schedules provide safe, fun environments for students to gather and interact, notably:

  • Lunch
  • Library
  • P.E.
  • Karate
  • Music
  • Visual Arts