Classical Preparatory School provides the best of both a classical learning environment and a growth-promoting social environment.

Unique for being one of the very few public schools in Florida to mandate the study of Latin, Classical Preparatory School has a distinct nomenclature that incorporates Latin terminology into the fabric of the school, creating a unique culture that students will remember in the years to come. The nomenclature is a reflection of the continuity between Classical Prep and great schools of the classical tradition, such as Boston Latin. Throughout their years at Classical Prep, students become increasingly accustomed to using Latin terminology and the importance of language as an instrument of beauty and power.

Our teachers are committed to the highest standards of excellence in the classroom, ensuring the quality of your student’s education.

Who We Are

Our Foundations

Built on the Past for the Future

A local parent, inspired by the traditional, classical-liberal view of education, wrote the original charter application for Classical Prep in 2011.  Anne Corcoran saw the stellar academic results of classical charter schools in other states and believed their success was a direct result of liberal education’s basic philosophy: that students have an inherent dignity which demands an education cultivating their full intellectual and moral capabilities.  The classical philosophy centers on humanity’s vast potential, and this purpose makes learning engaging, joyful, and meaningful.

Once the charter application was approved in 2012, the school faced many obstacles before opening, including not having a determined location until four months prior to the first day of school. Despite this, the school received over 800 applications for approximately 300 spots. As funding did not begin until a month before school opened, it was a tight deadline to accomplish everything needed for the first day of school. In fact, on the first Parent Night, a week before school started, the main portable building was still being installed, the parking lot was unpaved (and would be for six more months), and a rented classroom building on neighboring property was still being renovated for the lower elementary. Despite these hurdles, on August 18, 2014, the school opened to over 300 scholars, proving that an education’s value has nothing to do with a building and everything to do with a meaningful purpose.

More About Us

Programs that Exceed Expectations

Classical Preparatory offers world-class education through state-of-the-art facilities, the highest qualified teaching professionals, and an environment of positivity and encouraged learning. Our academic programs are second to none and our athletic programs keep students active, healthy, and happy. We encourage you to browse through the programs that CPS has to offer to see for yourself why we hold ourselves to the highest standard!