Thank you for your interest in Classical Preparatory School. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that will give you some of the information you need to make the important decision of whether Classical Prep is the right fit for your family.

  1. What is the cost to attend Classical Prep?
    We are a tuition-free public Charter School.
  2. What is the student:teacher ratio?
    Classical Prep adheres to Pasco County’s student:teacher ratio guidelines.
  3. Do you offer aftercare?
    Yes, we do. Details and pricing can be found on our website.
  4. Do you offer busing to transport students to and from school?
    We do not currently offer any busing options.
  5. Do you offer school breakfast and lunch? What is the fee?
    Yes, we have partnered with Pasco’s Food and Nutrition Services and SLA Management to provide both hot and cold lunch as well as breakfast options for students. Please visit our website for pricing and menu items.
  6. How many hours must each family volunteer?
    Each family must volunteer a minimum of 10 hours per year.
  7. How is information communicated to parents?
    The primary communication tool is ParentSquare. With this tool, families can receive information via email, text, or through the app.
  8. Do you follow the Pasco County school calendar?
    For the most part we do, however there are some variations. Each summer, prior to the school year starting, our calendar is posted on our website.
  9. Do you accept students with IEP’s and 504’s?
    Yes we do.
  10. What is your discipline policy?
    Classical Prep has an extensive behavior code and discipline policy that can be found in our Family Handbook, located on our website.
  11. Does Classical Prep use the Common Core curriculum?
    No, we do not. A curriculum overview for all grades can be found on our website.
  12. What is the typical daily homework load for students?
    The homework guidelines can be found in the Family Handbook online.
    Kindergarten – 20 to 30 minutes;
    Grades 1 and 2 – 30 to 40 minutes;
    Grade 3 – 40 to 50 minutes;
    Grade 4 – 55 to 75 minutes;
    Grade 5 – 65 to 85 minutes;
    Grade 6 – 75 to 90 minutes;
    Grades 7 and 8 – 85 to 105 minutes;
    Grades 9-12 typically receive from 20- to 35 minutes of homework per course, per day.
  13. Do students take FSA’s and other standardized testing?
    Yes, as a public school we adhere to Florida’s mandated testing.
  14. What is your attendance policy?
    Classical Prep follows Pasco County’s attendance policy which can be found on our website.
  15. What specials/electives are offered?
    Students in grades K-5 can expect to study art, music, physical education, Taekwondo and library skills.
    Students in grades 6-12 can expect to study art (photography, digital art and studio art), music (band and orchestra), latin, and physical education/health.
  16. What foreign languages do you offer?
    Throughout their time at Classical Prep, students will study Latin, as it is essential to a classical, liberal arts curriculum.
  17. Are Advanced Placement classes offered?
    Yes, AP courses are currently offered in English Language and Composition, Capstone Seminar, Capstone Research, US History, Government, European History, 2-D Art and Design and Microeconomics. 
  18. Do you offer college counseling?
    Yes, trained staff is available to guide students through the college process.
  19. Do you teach cursive?
    Yes, our cursive curriculum currently starts in kindergarten.
  20. Do classes go on field trips?
    Yes, purposeful field trips are offered at every grade level.
  21. Do students have recess?
    Students in grades K-5 have recess daily.
  22. How do I enroll my child?
    Our Open Enrollment Period began on December 7th, 2020 and extends through March 29, 2021. You may enter your child into the lottery anytime during Open Enrollment by visiting our website and clicking on Admissions.
  23. What if my child is not chosen in the lottery?
    Once the lottery is run on April 1, 2021, each family will receive an email with the lottery results for your child. If your child is not accepted he/she will be placed on the waitlist and you will be informed of the waitlist number. You can check the status of your child’s waitlist position anytime by visiting www.lotterease.com.
  24. Once my child attends Classical Prep, does he/she need to go through the lottery again?
    No, once your child is registered at Classical Prep, he/she will not participate in the lottery again. Current families have the opportunity to re-enroll during the spring semester each year.