Classical Preparatory School

is proud to present our athletic director

Jimmy Barbarise

Welcome from the Classical Preparatory Athletic Department

Meet Classical Prep’s Athletic Director, Jimmy Barbarise. Jimmy brings 25 years of coaching experience and expertise to Classical Prep. Jimmy enjoys a grassroots environment CPS offers with Athletics and the opportunity and challenge of building an athletic department nearly from its inception.

Coach Jimmy has been involved with sports for over 25 years coming from Long Island, NY where he served as the Athletic Director for the PAL chapter running Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Track and Cheerleading. He has also served locally as the owner of the i9 Sports program in Pasco County over the past 10 years.

Coach Jimmy is driven by his passion to foster, develop and enhance the growth of youth athletes through numerous opportunities. His coaching philosophy allows him to mold players to be responsible, communicative and accountable. He enjoys developing and supporting their dreams to be their best on and off the field while striving for excellence.

We are excited to offer a program that will exemplify a great mission of excellence. This excellence will demonstrate way beyond winning and losing.

Athletic success is the direct result of implementing effort, teamwork, commitment, and sportsmanship. These traits we have implemented will be the foundation of Classical Preparatory brand of athletic success.

We welcome you to join our director, coaches, athletes, and parents in building this tradition of excellence.