About Classical Prep

"Knowledge indeed is desirable, a lovely possession." -Thomas Jefferson




One of the first tuition-free classical schools in Florida, Classical Prep joins the growing number of charter and public classical schools around the country. Such schools are found frequently on lists of the best schools in America based on proficiency in key areas and college readiness.

Classical schools provide a traditional approach to learning. At the elementary level, students are presented with a back-to-basics approach, focusing on mastery of basic skills and a solid foundation of knowledge. At the middle and high school levels, students study a core, liberal arts curriculum, including logic, rhetoric, languages, and philosophy, preparing them to think analytically in order to meet the demands of an ever-changing world.

The school is located at 16500 Lyceum Way, just off Shady Hills Rd.  The school’s permanent facility is currently under construction.  The building is scheduled for completion in January 2015.  (Click here to see an artist’s rendering of the facility and pictures of construction progress.)  For the 2014 fall semester, the school will be on the same location in a large portable building and church facilities adjacent to the school site.  If construction continues into the spring semester, the school will continue its lease of the portable building and church facilities.

  • The school will be located in Pasco County, Florida, about 1/2 mile east of the State Road 52 exit of the Suncoast Parkway on Shady Hills Rd. This property has already received county zoning approval for a charter school. The actual school address is 16500 Lyceum Way, Land O Lakes 34610.  To see an artistic rendering of our new building, click here.
  • Opening Fall 2014
  • Serving students K-8 the first year
  • Adding a grade each year until K-12