Classical Preparatory School
Traditional education.  Transformational learning.


At Classical Prep, athletics are an important part of our program. The school offers a variety of athletic teams for all levels, including basketball, volleyball, and soccer after school.  In addition, the school builds physical activity purposely into the school day, requiring PE two days a week for grades K-5th and sufficient recess breaks for younger students.
Systematic athletic training was an important of the classical educational tradition because athletics offered opportunities for moral and ethical training.  The relationship between a strong mind and a strong body was also understood, something that modern studies have affirmed.  Classical Prep continues this tradition and is committed to giving its scholars the many opportunities that athletics provide for leadership, character development, and physical conditioning, to fulfill its mission and vision of creating moral and intellectual leaders.
For more information about our Athletics program, please contact our Athletic Director, Jimmy Barbarise at

After-school sports are offered in the context that they promote character-training lessons, leadership opportunities, and a lifelong habit of health. Athletic competition allows students to: set goals and adhere to them even when faced with obstacles; persevere despite difficulty; have self-control even in challenging circumstances; and work and compete with others with fairness and civility.
The PE program is required 2 days a week in K-5th.  One day a week is devoted to karate training, and the second day is devoted to age-appropriate endurance training, including running training or strength training. 

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