Classical Preparatory School
Traditional education.  Transformational learning.


At all grade levels, Classical Prep scholars must take a fine arts course.  In a world where technology and science take center stage, making arts part of the core curriculum can seem out-of-place.  How can understanding the play of light on different surfaces or recognizing a great composer’s work help a student achieve in the “real world”?  To a liberal education, these are the “real world”. 

Liberal education embraces all parts of humanity, refusing to reduce the mind to something that only needs to be outfitted with technical studies, realizing that the most modern sciences of cosmology and the study of consciousness are themselves largely concerned with taking theoretical leaps into the great mysteries of the universe. 

In the arts, as in these cutting-edge sciences, the complexity and diversity of human thought join to welcome in the mysterious beauty that is the human mind – and recognize that the surest way to greatness is the ability to navigate these winding roads with a mind that has traveled these paths before.

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