Classical Preparatory School
Traditional education.  Transformational learning.

Academics at Classical Prep

Every minute of every day at Classical Prep is spent in achieving a great purpose: to produce wise and virtuous leaders.  A strong academic sequence is the cornerstone of this.  Nothing is included in a student’s academic day without strategic forethought.  We ensure the time a student spends in class is used to further the vision of the school, agreeing with Thoreau that one “cannot kill time without injuring eternity.”   

Therefore, the board and administration choose the content, courses, and curricula with careful thought.   Ask us why:
  • Latin is required from 1st through 12th grades.
  • Scholars must study Shakespeare, Plato, Socrates, Homer, Virgil, and other great thinkers of the past.
  • Primary sources form the basis for high school level history, literature, and philosophy courses.
  • Juniors must perform a classical text in Latin and English.
  • Seniors must write a thesis on the Nature of Humanity and defend it before faculty.
  • All scholars memorize speeches and poetry and perform them in front of an audience several times a year.
  • All scholars are required to master geography, including a requirement to draw a map of the world from memory with mountains, bodies of water, and countries and capitals.
  • Scholars must know a history timeline with more than 80 events.
  • Middle school scholars must take two logic classes.
  • Learning cursive is required.
  • Grammar is taught explicitly in 1st through 8th grades.
  • Four years of science are required in high school.
  • High school scholars must study philosophy.
  • Teachers use the Habits of Classical Prep (including the Habit of Perfect Execution, the Habit of Reflection and the Habit of Fortitude) for character training in the classroom.
There’s a strategic and inspiring reason behind each!

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