Classical Preparatory School
Traditional education.  Transformational learning.
Early Academy

Classical Preparatory School
Pre-K3 and VPK Supply List
Student Supply List: 
1 back pack labeled with your child's name
1 change of clothes labeled with your child's name
1 wide-ruled Composition notebook
1 Primary Journal
1 wooden ruler
1 plastic pencil box  
2 packs of pre-sharpened yellow preschool pencils
2 pack of black or blue pens
2  24 pack of Crayola washable crayons
2 pack Crayola washable markers; "Classic color"
2 packs of colored pencils
1 pair of blunt-tip safety scissors
4 glue sticks
2 boxes of tissues
1 package of baby wipes 
1 box gallon Ziploc bags 
3 pack magic erasers                        
BOYS ONLY :                                                                                                   
2 packs of thick dry erase markers
1 can shaving cream
1 pack of index cards
1 box of Ziploc sandwich bags
Post-it notes
2 packs of thin dry erase markers
Additional Supplies for Full Day Students (all items labeled with your Childs name)
1 crib sheet
1 small blanket
1 water bottle
1 lunch box and ice pack
Teacher Wish List Ideas
Clorox wipes
Paper clips
Paper towels
Play dough
Paper plates
Sharpie markers
Plastic cups
Masking tape
1-quart Ziploc bags 
Sidewalk Chalk
Scotch tape

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