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Classical Prep Withdrawal Form

To withdraw your student from Classical Preparatory School, please fill out the form below. You must fill out a form for each student you wish to withdraw.
It is important that you report to which school your student will transfer so that we can officially release him or her from Classical Prep.
If it is your intention to homeschool, you are required to register with Pasco County's Homeschool office. Classical Prep is required to keep your student enrolled until our off of Admissions and Records is notified by Pasco County.  Thank you. 
Please withdraw my student:
Student's First and Last Name*
Last day student was in attendance (mm/dd/yy):*
Primary Reason for Withdrawal (choose one):*
Please indicate the type of school you are transferring to (choose one):*
Additional school details (School Name and Address, if available):*
Parent Information
Parent's First and Last Name:*
E-mail Address:*
Best Contact Number:
What did you like best about CPS? What are the strong points (e.g. curriculum, student life, policies/procedures, etc.)?
What did you like least about CPS? What are the weak points (e.g. curriculum, student life, policies/procedures, etc.)?
How would you rate communication at CPS? (Did you feel/not feel heard? By whom? Types of issues?)
Please add any suggestions or comments regarding your enrollment and/or withdrawal process:
Additional comments:
By clicking submit, you are withdrawing your student from the current school year, and your student will not be eligible for re-enrollment.
In the future, if you wish for your child to attend Classical Prep, you will need to fill out an enrollment application to take part in our enrollment process as a new student.


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