Classical Preparatory School
Traditional education.  Transformational learning.

Unique for being one of the very few public schools in Florida to mandate the study of Latin, Classical Preparatory School has a distinct nomenclature that incorporates Latin terminology into the fabric of the school, creating a unique culture that students will remember in the years to come. The nomenclature is a reflection of the continuity between Classical Prep and great schools of the classical tradition, such as Boston Latin. Throughout their years at Classical Prep, students become increasingly accustomed to using Latin terminology and the importance of language as an instrument of beauty and power.
"Atrium" - Large covered area just inside the front entrance doors. (Latin:  the open entrance hall of an ancient Roman building.)
"Cura" - Administrative building. (Latin: management, administration, care, concern)
"Forum" - Center courtyard.   (Latin origin: the public square and a place of assembly)
"Prytaneum" - Cafeteria and meeting area.  (Latin and Greek origin: a public hall serving as a place of meeting and dining.) 

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