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Annual Audit

Classical Prep Midyear Budget Summary


Dear Classical Preparatory Community,

We are a little more than halfway through our third school year, and we continue to vigorously pursue an exceptional, intellectually rigorous education. We continue to develop within students the intellectual and personal habits and skills upon which responsible, independent and productive lives are built, in the firm belief that such lives are the basis of a free and just society. We see validation of the success our academic mission in our recent success. By measure of the Florida Standards Assessments and End of Course Assessments, Classical Preparatory School scored extremely well, and in some cases, such as math learning gains, scored in the top 1% in the state. This success has categorized Classical Prep amongst the most academically successful schools in the state. Although the success or failure of our educational mission is not determined solely by performance on standardized assessments, our accomplishments here indicate that our school is far exceeding the traditional educational standard.

Our financial position at Classical Preparatory School is extremely healthy, which allows us to accomplish our educational objectives. By means of a competitive salary and benefits package, our leadership, in conjunction with our Board of Directors, continue to pursue one of our school’s highest priorities: to hire and retain excellent teachers. I am committed to the wise stewardship of our school funds, and in the spirit of financial transparency, I have made our 2016-2017 budget available for public review. 

With much enthusiasm for the future of our school, I thank you for your continued support and partnership in the education of your student(s).

Ben Davis

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