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Headmaster's Welcome

In books VII and VIII of his disquisition, The Republic, Plato tells the fictional story of men living in a cave. Written as a dialogue between Socrates and another character, Glaucon, Plato invites readers to imagine that men have lived in a cave their entire lives. They sit, chained, facing a blank wall, while a fire burns behind them. Wooden statues of animals and men are danced in front of the fire light, casting shadows on to the blank wall. For the men chained in the cave, these shadows have become their reality.
One man is turned to face the fire, then dragged up the length of the cave to gaze into the sun. At first, the experience is painful. He realizes that his “reality” was a literal shadow of the truth. Yet as his eyes adjust to the sun, he begins to appreciate all that is truly good.

Classical Preparatory School is about casting a vision for bringing students to the light. We pursue goodness, truth, and beauty, and in so doing, experience the refining of our minds and hearts. Our curriculum is purposefully chosen and reflects the Western intellectual and moral tradition.  Students at Classical Prep study areas such as ancient Greece, the Constitution, advanced Latin, and Calculus.

We have a vibrant school community.  Student life is teeming with intellectual engagement, caring relationships, physical athletics, and more. I am proud to be a “Lion”, and I invite you to explore all that makes our school so exceptional.

Ben Davis

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